Best way to collaborate / team access?

I recently had to hire a dev from Upwork to help me with my project. However, I’ve found this difficult in terms of sharing collaboration and wondered how other people approach this please?

I’ve linked ThunkableX to my Google account, so I didn’t want to give this to the dev directly. Instead, I used the share link from inside the desiger which warns about the fact that this will also share the API keys as well, etc. which are needed for Firebase / Airtable, etc

What this seemed to do was create a copy of the App for the dev but without the API keys… which was different to what it said it would do. I then had to give the dev the API keys so that he could work on the app and test it. When he was done, he gave me a ThunkableX share link which then created a copy of the app in my dashboard and again I then had to copy my original keys into it. With bug fixes he’s worked on it again and now I need yet another link and another copy to get the latest.

I even upgraded to Pro to see if this made a difference or gave more options but because the Dev didn’t have a Pro account it didn’t. Also for this reason it had to be public, when one of the benefits of Pro is private apps.

Aside from the constant copies being made which is a pain, I had no choice but to give my dev the API keys and he now has a copy of these unless I can regenerate them or create new projects in Firebase / AirTable. It would have made sense that these exist in my “settings” area or similar which would be locked down so that the app blocks could be shared for collaboration?

Surely there is a better way for people to collaborate on projects at the same time without copies?? Thanks!!

I agree with you 100%!

I would be hiring loads of gig workers from Fivver or like you said, Upwork.
Many of the users of Thunkable are obviously making apps under contract, allowing a varying level of access will enable even more work from them.

I think Thunkable should look at adding a marketplace, with (real) ratings and make a commission from transactions.

An audit of changes can be logged and shown, with certain changes set to requiring approval.

I would pay a premium to have the ability to add people on to my team.


Exactly… There’s plenty of people out there freelancing on this platform or in my case, needing freelancers to help. How do people manage this normally?

As I’m discovering, drag and drop app building is only one part of a huge puzzle when it comes to developing, deploying and maintaining an app… From database setup, to encryption, to graphic design and marketing… So surely there is a better way than how I did it?

Good point!

You may want to have a highly rated/trust person handle your firebase setup, then another freelancer to do some UI after another sets up the blocks.

That would truly democratise app development!

Integrate it with Zoom/Slack & Monday/Asana and you’ll have team comms and project planning.
A simple webhook can send updates and pull milestones.

Can we just simply have the same solution as on Wix? on Wix a web app or website owner can add collaborators to a specific project… I thought this is logic how come is not part of ThunkableX yet?