Auto Filter ListView result

Hi, I am implementing a search box in my listview screen so when i type in any search query, the listview result is automatically filtered down and when no text in textbox, then no filter takes place.

Looking at my setup below, I am wondering how I can store the result of the IF DOES statement so it can be set into the listRow variable.

I am suppose to set the variable like this but then the IF statement is missing the first parameter

If i was clicking a button to do the search, then this might have been possible using the button onclick property

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Hi there,

I have a tutorial on making a Search Bar for your app that you can see here:

Your blocks are seeing if the text input contains the column, which is going to return false if your list is more than 1 item long. You need to see if any items in the list contain that text in your text input. You can see how to do this in the tutorial.

Check it out and let me know if you have any more questions!

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Hi and thanks for reply. I did first try that tutorial but got stuck where you set app tempList but I do not see where you initialized that variable.


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You can initialize a variable anywhere you like in your Thunkable app.

Simply drag the initialize block anywhere you want onto the canvas and change name to be whatever name you like.

Hope that helps :smile:

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Followed the entire steps but app crashing or reloading as soon as I type in the text box

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Hi there,

Could you send me a link to your app, either here or in a private message?

Yes. I too have a problem. I am working on an app and for that I need to search the list viewer. Whatever letter I have searched and if it is there in the listviewer. only that part needs to be shown.

@rockode here’s our tutorial for filtering data in a list:

This tutorial can actually be greatly simplified by using the new changes event handler

This works! Thanks so much @domhnallohanlon. I am your youtube subscriber BTW.