Audio stopped event in the drag-and-drop interface?

I’ve been testing and trying to figure out how to take an action after my audio has finished playing (in the Drag and Drop interface). There seems to be one in Snap-To-Place, but I’ve come up empty so far with DnD.

Does this feature exist, and if not, has anyone seen a workaround?

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Can you show the code you tried?

For sure - they’ve all been variations on something like this:


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Check this demo project

Thanks so much - I appreciate you putting the time in.

Unfortunately I couldn’t actually see a difference - the tracks start to overlap with one another.

If you could, maybe look at this demo project and see how it might get adjusted: Thunkable

Here’s what I observe:

  1. The label text ends up at “1342”
  2. The full label text reaches that end point before the audio file has stopped playing.

Here’s what I would expect to happen:

  1. The label text would start in the state “1”
  2. The track would play, and once it is finished playing either “2” or “3” would be the next number ie. so the label text is now either “123” or “132”
  3. “4” would be appended at the end of the label text.
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Huh, interesting note: the above occurs when live previewing in the browser.

If I live test on the device, I get the behavior outlined in the expected section.

Do you think this would be worth opening a ticket for? (asking in your capacity as someone who is potentially experienced with the bug reporting process)

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It only works correctly from the phone.

The Web Test is a quick way to see if your app is doing what is expected of it but your typical platform to execute the app would be a mobile device.

I would say that this behavior needs to be tested on a web app and then a ticket should be raised if the web app version didn’t run as expected.

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Yeh, I guess that’s fair. I would strong prefer that any form of testing mirrors production as closely as possible - diverging behavior just adds a lot of cognitive load for users.

But we can’t have everything I guess. Thanks for walking through this with me!

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