Audio file not changing when switching screens

I am making an app that plays an audio whenever it changes screens.
To change screens, I am using the Top Tab Navigator component, so that whenever i swipe my screen it goes to the next screen, and if you want to repeat said audio, you just need to press a button that replays the audio.

Currently, my blocks look like this:

The blocks I used here is basically the same as this post from all I know:

But for some reason, whenever I live test the app on my phone the audio from the previous screen that was opened is the audio that plays.

So for examle;
If I open the screen that would say the letter “B”, it would say the letter “A” that was in the previous screen instead of saying “B”, and if I would do the same for the letter “C” it would say the letter “B” which was the screen before that

The weird thing is, this issue would only happen on the thunkanle live app whenever I test it on the phone, if I were to live test it using the “Preview as a responsive web app” feature on my laptop the audio would play as i wanted it to be.

I’ve tried this on multiple phones and PCs and i’ve even asked my coding group to test this out for me, the results were the same.

So now im posting here to ask if anybody knows what I may have done wrong or if anyone could suggest any solutions.

Thank you in advance and sorry if this troubles anyone!

Hey @samtryincode :wave:

I don’t think you’re doing anything wrong here - I’d say the issue is just the latency involved in wirelessly sending your audio assets to the device you’re testing on.

As long as you’re not experiencing an issue when the app is installed, then this is how your end-users will experience your app.

Hope that helps