Are Thunkable's analytics tools making it slower?

Its bad enough when a tracker follows you and the tracker-owning-website runs slower than it usually does. Is thunkable like that? I use Mozilla Firefox, by the way.

Hi @barnwalvivaang - welcome to the Community.

We use a variety of tools and services to monitor platform usage and log crash data and a number of other uses which are all outlined in detail in our privacy policy here:

Just out of curiosity, what’s prompted you to ask this question? How long have you been using Thunkable for? Is there any other traffic on your WiFi network (video or music streaming, for example) that might be slowing down your connection?


Hey does anybody know what thunkable needs cross-site cookies for?

because cross-site cookies make thunkable even slower

Going to move these here @barnwalvivaang since they look related to the above.

If you click on the Cookie icon in your browser you can see that these are used to analytics, SEO, on-boarding, payments, and depending on your plan, chat support.

I don’t work directly on the website/platform, but here’s an interesting article on Cookies:

It mentions the following:

Internet cookies help speed up the browsing process by relaying information on whether or not the browser cache has the most up-to-date site information.

If you find you’ve been visiting a lot of websites and your browser has “too many” cookies, then you can always clear your cookies if you like

basically, for beginners

an cookie is a connection between sites which your site has access to. you can manage it in google search console, prove you’re the owner of the site, if you’re not, it’s easy.