Are all the components available in the new Drag and Drop Interface as compare to the old Interface?

As above, are all the components available in the new Drag and Drop Interface as compare to the old Interface?

Doing a conversion of the old apps to the new interface.

Did you check before posting?

I notice some of the invisible components don’t seems to be there, or maybe placed elsewhere and not able to find it.

@Dean_Artis , are all components available and easy to find in the new interface?

No, many of the components from the legacy UI have not been integrated into the new drag and drop UI. This is due to the fact that the new drag and drop is still in its beta phase and new features are constantly being added. Even though the design capabilities are more powerful, I prefer the old UI for the time being since it has much more functionality.

I couldn’t agree more with you.

Hence, I was curious when Dean_Artis asked if I had checked.

Indeed, I am still waiting for software that will convert old projects into the new UI. Until then, I am stuck with Snap to Place!

This is incorrect @jakeheron - all of the StP components are available in the DnD platform at present.

There are a small number of Advanced blocks, namely the cloning blocks but other than that everything is there.

Which component(s) are you looking for?

All of the invisible components are now available through the blocks section @angsc - which one(s) are you trying to find?

We launched a beta version of this software in June of this year. Can you PM me the link of the project you’d like to convert?



I apologies I did not realise that all of the components had been integrated. I used the new UI a few months ago and have not used it since due to the lack of feature. I will have to revisit it an give it another go!

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Hence the reason I asked the topic creator to check.

I asked because it’s better to check out things before creating an unnecessary topic. See post #7 for more info.

3 essential features are missing from DnD

  • Relative sizing and positioning
  • Group scrolling (vertical and horizontal)
  • Cloning and creating components

To me, if these 3 are available, any other feature could wait.

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Which component were you looking for @jakeheron ?

I’m trying to find the equivalent of Call Text to Speech Speak.

I’m trying to find the equivalent of Confidence Level in Image Recognition.

I’m trying to find the equivalent of Call Image Recognizer Upload and setting the image to the variable path (using variables)

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I was not trying to look for any components I was just stating that I generally perfered the Legacy UI. I have not used the drag and drop UI for a while though so I admit my criticism weren’t valid. I would say however that, although the design features are very powerful, the lack of grid lines makes it very difficult to line things up just right. That’s just one thing I’ve noticed though. Thanks for all your hard work though :slight_smile: .


I never used image recognition so I cannot comment on the other two.

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I’m trying to find the equivalent of Translator Target Language

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Thank you!

These alignment lines?

Yes, but there are no grid lines for the screen. So you can’t say align a component such that the distance to the edge of the screen are equal on both sides. In other words, there should be some squares across the screen that coul ‘snap’ the component into place.

Where can I find Translator the invisible component, or the equivalent?