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I have an app including AdMob and Apple just rejected it for the AppTrackingTransparency issue. I have included in App Store Connect the following:

“Third-party partners” include analytics tools, advertising networks, third-party SDKs, or other external vendors whose code you have added to the app.

Are the ads linked to the user’s identity? And we use it for Third-Party Advertising, correct?

However, it seems we don’t use IDFA but the AdMob SDK.

Is there anyone that can help in clarifying this? Should I remove this “Usage Data” details from App Store Connect?


Hi there,

This is actually something that @wei is working on at the moment. For now, we recommend either waiting until next week to publish your app, or publishing it without AdMob for now.

PRO users who are affected by this message are invited to reach out on Intercom. We apologize for the inconvenience this causes.


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Many thanks for you reply, @jane.

Please keep us posted! Thanks!


We certainly will!

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