My iOS app got rejected by asking following information

Does your app include third-party analytics? If so, please provide details about what data is collected for this purpose.
• Does your app include third-party advertising? If so, please provide a link to the ad network’s publicly-documented practices and policies for kids apps.
• Will the data be shared with any third parties? If so, for what purposes and where will this information be stored?
• Is your app collecting any user or device data for purposes beyond third-party analytics or third-party advertising? If so, please provide a complete and clear explanation of all planned uses of this data.

My iOS app got rejected by asking information above.
Could someone help me with this?

They have asked you questions.

What are your replies?

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I recall only once Thunkable included third-party analytics software and removed after a short while.

The remaining questions are specific to your app so you should know the answer.

I’m having a similar problem I think, they asked us the questions and we don’t so I responded with no to all of them they replied saying we are taking data: We found that your app references the ASIdentifierManager API, which provides access to a user’s IDFA, in the following location(s) in your binary:

• /System/Library/Frameworks/AdSupport.framework/AdSupport
• thunkablecompanion

It would be appropriate to remove all instances of “ASIdentifierManager” from your app, even if they are not utilized in your app’s functionality.

we didn’t put a ASIdentifierManager in though. We have contacted thunkable too and they said they didn’t, could I have put one in another way?

This is part of the AdMob Framework. If you have added AdMob to your project and removed it later then please contact Thunkable support to reset your project.

If, in the other hand, you are actually using AdMob then you need to declare it for Apple to approve your app.

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Thank you so much, we don’t have it and I don’t remember adding it in but its definitely possible we did in early stages trying to figure out how stuff worked.

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