Remove AdMob from app

I’m a PRO user. My App have NOT admob in app, anyway when I send it to appstore for approval, Apple reject and answer:

We noticed your app’s binary contains references to App Tracking Transparency, but you have indicated you do not intend to ask users for permission to track at this time.
Since App Tracking Transparency is only intended to be used by apps requesting authorization to track, it would be appropriate to disable App Tracking Transparency before resubmitting your app for review.
Next Steps
To resolve this issue, remove any App Tracking Transparency-related keys in your app’s info.plist and from localized string files.
In addition to removing these keys, you may also choose to fully remove other references to the AppTrackingTransparency framework from your app.

What I can do to remove any reference to admob?

Thanks in advance
(sorry for my italian-english)

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Please see this post.

@tatiang, @jared Can you please combine this with the previous post.