Apple asked me to resubmit my app - Guideline 4.2.2

Once again rejected for Guideline 4.2.2 - Design - Minimum Functionality

Hey @kizzy

Do you mean 4.2? Not sure a Thunkable app would fall into the 4.4 category:

Sorry my bad
Guideline 4.2.2 - Design - Minimum Functionality

That means : Your app should have some working ( Minimum Functionality). Apple or Google doesn’t accept the applications that doesn’t do anything but just has some static screens.

If you could provide details about your app. I could help you fix it.


Here’s are some other users who have been asked to resubmit their apps because of guideline 4.2.2:

And, in terms of getting your app into the App Store, this is one of the best guides you’ll find, and it’s specifically for Thunkable users:

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At this point, I am tired of this particular APP and all the requirements needed by apple I am going take a break for that app. I need to reflect on lost time and funds.

Same APP on Google play 5k downloads

@Mikas, I’m assuming you are trying to get help by posting on here, otherwise a diary is a handy place to keep your thoughts. Please take this FB with an open mind

To be precise, google is less stringent than Apple in regard to what they say is limited functionality and in general this is the case.

From your homescreen I can:

go to Screen “Meanings” - this page is primarily text only ((apple doesnt really like too much text in an app if that’s what you do primarily. otherwise, send it to apple books instead of the app store. also, if there were more options of stuff to read, this might be ok.)) apple doesn’t like this

go to chat: this is a webwrapper and apple doesn’t like this. they say, go to the website. apple doesn’t like this

go to screen prayers: again, this is a lot of only text. see the comment above. apple doesnt like this

your test is poorly designed and you can only get a perfect score. perhaps consider adding questions, allowing for multiple sets of questions or a laerget test bank. also consider a way for the user to track their score and track progress. it’s not a good quiz if there are only 6 questions that dont change. apple probably wont approve this quiz.
Your app doesn’t have a lot of functionality. Perhaps with the quiz, you could add more quizzes or a way to track.

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Yea Is mainly for reading so yea it is more like a book. I am not a big fan of quiz i just put there. Maybe the Apple app is not the best thing for this Guy I will let him know and I will focus on other stuff. did my good deed.

thanks for the info tho

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Apple is just so dang particular! Sorry you spent so much time on this, that must be frustrating!

i am going try again adding 3 new features

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App was accepted ~!