App rejected Binary Rejected

My APP was rejected
I am thinking I put my app in the wrong category it more like a reference, book lots of reading and audio teaching which I have in webview that too, I think could be why the rejected it .so there not much interaction as apple wants ANYway I made some changes New to dealing with Apple not as easy as Google play… I have seen worst Apps than mines in the APP store so I am pissed that mines were rejected.

Guideline 4.2.2 - Design - Minimum Functionality

We noticed that your app’s main functionality is to market your service, with limited or no user-facing interactive features or functionality. Apps that are primarily marketing materials or advertisements are not appropriate for the App Store.

Create a useful app that provides a genuine service or function. Your app needs to do something, not just be an advertisement or marketing/promotional material for a church.

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Calm down, there’s no need to get upset.

I’m only telling you what Apple said.


Well if you are not asking for help why are you posting in a public forum. If you are just starting facts there is no need to post if you do not want anyone to respond and from this comment again your attitude is lacking. Have a wonderful day