App Store Rejection Guideline 4.0 - Design

I recently submitted my app for review and it got rejected because of the design could anyone help me with my design and help me put out my first ever app on AppStore ?
Here’s the share link Thunkable

And this is what Apple said

Hey @farhanlatif027i3df,

I know that this is something you’ve been working towards for a while now (publishing your app) and I also know that you’ve spent a huge amount of time using Thunkable, so thanks for that.

We have some superb designers here in the community, so as a tip to you, I would recommend that you:

  1. Explain a little about what your app is supposed to do and who your target user is
  2. Share some screenshots of what your app looks like at the moment to make it as easy as possible to get feedback.

Also, would you mind telling us a little bit more about what was in the videos that Apple sent you? Were they useful to you in improving your design?



This is the second small app I made which I told you about it’s a basic Asmr app it basically has a lot of sounds that help you relax and meditate it’s very simple app
Secondly I did not open the videos yet because I have seen apps which have had 10x bad designs but upon re reading I saw that the Apple person said the screen is crowded which makes it hard to complete task and by complete task I think he meant press a button and I noticed that the button at bottom which says coming soon is way above then where it was supposed to be and then I realised that App Store team use Thunkable live app to test our apps if I’m correct and Thunkable live app has a huge space at bottom which lifts up the button and etc from their initial position I maybe wrong but do let me know


Hi there,
I have good news, it can be fixed. In my opinion it’s not a single big flaw but a sum of small details to address (as design usually is).

I’ll start with usability concerns and end with expressive elements that affects perception rather than use.


Good point but it’s literally just two buttons which can be tapped I also removed the “coming soon” button

This is a new share link


Does this look pretty?

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Are you able to change the image’s background colors? When choosing colors you have to think about contrast and saturation as well as tints.

Currently you have very high contrast with the black and white. These are colors that don’t occur in nature. It feels sharp and artificial (a bit retro computer games). Given the app’s purpose I’d suggest something more relaxing, closer to the shades of the videos.

It doesn’t mean you cannot have black, but there are many shades of black. Check this post about shadows


Getting better!

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These are great suggestions! Thank you for being part of this great community!!


Nope - that is not the case. Apple do not use Thunkable Live for testing any apps.

When you go through our publishing process you send them a .ipa file that the install and test on their system.

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Thank you so much for your constructive and helpful feedback @cagedcarpal - the annotated screenshots are amazing!

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@cagedcarpal Love the mini master class on app design! :grinning:


Makes sense I read it somewhere in community that’s why I thought “what if”

That was some great work and i love the notes you made I really appreciate them thank you :slight_smile:

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If you can find that post again please send it to me so that I can delete it - we don’t want any inaccurate information like this in the community.


I’ll let you know ASAP also I sent you some bug issues and explained it in detail along with download and share link via support bubble could you check it out it’s regarding my main app and I’m very private about it to post in community thank you

I downloaded my asmr app again after not working on it for a day and this happend

why did this happen? It looks fine in live view and I downloaded it yesterday 2 times too and then randomly this happens why is this where as the second screen images look fine

Can you describe what happened? I’m not sure what we’re looking at here - are these buttons with background images? Are you trying to say that background images aren’t displaying as you intended when your app is installed on iOS? Are you experiencing the same issue on Android too?

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Yes the background images for my button are half cut as you can see in past posts on this forum I have uploaded videos and images as to how it should look and how it was looking and then I download it on iOS again and the background image is cut in half. I don’t not have an Android so I haven’t checked but on iOS that’s the issue and I think that’s what Apple person encountered


This is how it’s supposed to Look and how it did looked

Nope - they specifically told you:

Screens were crowded or laid out in a way that made it difficult to complete tasks

If you share a project link with us we’ll be able to take a look at this on a variety of devices for you.