App screenshots

This is my 1st app
I am trying to submit to apple. My screen shots are not working
Can someone help

Sure, just wait till our crystal balls are fixed.

What feedback are you getting from Apple?

Can you share it here please?

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I’m getting a red notice
Dimensions are wrong

Have you considered using an image editor to change the dimensions?

How did you take your screen shots? Are you convinced they’re correct or don’t know how to get them? You can use an image editor as mentioned or find a website that specializes in creating these screenshots for apple. There are a few of them online. I haven’t done one for apple but for Android and found loads that could do it

Hey @wgenloe90lz5 ,

I’ve made a post in the community a while back with some links to screenshot tools. If you’ve got the correct device for the screenshot, export them with a frame using this tool to receive the correct dimensions.


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There are also great suggestions on here to deaL with it yourself