[UPDATE April 2020] Get professional looking app screenshots free and easy

See edit section of this post below for updated information.

Check out ShotBot to make lovely screenshots for your app. Here is a quick example of an app I am currently uploading to the App Store.

They have a few templates and I believe they also have an Android template. I definitely recommend checking this out. It is completely free, just sign up with email and they let you create and download for free, no watermarks :slight_smile:


Another fantastic option! App Mockup.

Choose from dozens of mock-ups for iOS and Android. It is completely free to use.


Thanks, @eoinparkinson! :blush:
It looks great. :wink:

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And for IPad to?

They currently offer 4 templates that are fairly customizable. These templates are for phones. Try AppStoreScreenshot for iPad and other devices, although I am unsure if they offer the same look.


Nice, thx, but, and I’mnot english mother tongue, shouldn’t it be “simple payments” instead of “simply”?

That is the name of the app :slight_smile: Simply means very easy or simple. It is like saying, “Simply The Best” or “Simply Great Food”. It’s straight to the point I guess :stuck_out_tongue: It is a basic app to calculate your wages, I designed it around myself mainly.

I am happy with it.

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no option for screen 6.5?

I am unsure of iPhone screen sizes but I am guessing you are referring to the iPhone X size screen? I cannot find an option for this. If I come across one I will suggest it here :slight_smile:

so if you change only the resolution of screenshot 5.5 to 6.5 will AppStore accept it?

If you are facing an issue with app store and their screenshots, I completely understand. I am currently trying to work it out. I tried uploading the screen shots above to apple and I did not get an incorrect sizing error but a could not upload error. are you facing a similar issue?

I don’t know yet I’m waiting for review! Publishing apps to the App Store is no easy task!

I got the images to upload :slight_smile:

This was using the website linked in the first post. Use the 5.5" display option :slight_smile:

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Apple did not like my screenshots now, yet the websites is described as app screenshots for app store, so apologies to people who had this issue.

I am looking into this as Apple requires you to have iPhone X plus dimension screenshots, iPhone 8 Plus dimension screenshots, and iPad 12.9" dimension Screenshots.

If you have a mac I believe you can just emulate a device with xCode? But that may require the app to be made in xCode.

I myself can get my hands on no iOS devices of these dimensions, so I am quite frustrated at this stage!

I will create a topic to discuss this.

You know the issue is the device appearance. Did you ever get this figured out. I found this site recently and my screenshots were approved in the appstore using them

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Hi @jared, got this sorted eventually! You are correct with the device appearance. I soon got this sorted out with new screenshots created elsewhere, thus the reasoning behind my follow up on the above post.

Do you mean the link I posted above?


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Yes! I found it thru Twitter I think

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Another fantastic option! App Mockup.



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I believe it just came out recently as it’s “beta”. Works a dream for me. Renders for different resolutions too!

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