Please help i need the screenshots of the app to publish in app store

I dont know what to do… I m tryng to send screenshots to other people and then they make a screenshot of the screenshot but it is complicated

Please Help!!!

Whats the Problm. Can you please clear it .

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I dont know how to make the screenshots, do you know how can i do that?

Here you go…

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There arent Ipads there… It dont works

Hi, @Leito! :wave:

Are you a PRO Member of Thunkable X?

There is a perk available for only Thunkable X users, that you can get iOS Screenshots from them. :star2:

@Jane can assist you more on this :blush:


I wish…

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Oh, I haven’t tested it, Sorry for misleading :slight_smile: :pensive:

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No problem! Do you know if i could use an emulator?

Contact staff via the Direct Message on the top right of the screen on Thunkable Community Website. I believe this is still a “beta” or “coming soon” feature to Thunkable. They are focused on fixing crashes with iOS 13 :slight_smile:


Yep I did but the didn’t answer me :cry: