Generate screenshots for different 6.5", 5.5" and 12.9" Displays on App Store

Please look over the photo below.

This is appstoreconnect which is how you submit your apps to app store, test flight, etc. I tried uploading Android device screenshots with the resolution changed but Apple knew what I was up to and would not allow this. How can I generate the screenshots? Does anybody here in the community have 1 or more of these devices and would like to help out? I am having no luck otherwise.

All comments are much appreciated.

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*Sight*… Apple…

Apparently, they do not only want you to buy one of their iPhone and iPad, but 3?

Don’t know if that would work, but have you considered an iphone emulator for PC?


Well what I do know, or from what I have read should I say, that an app developed in Xcode can of course be emulated or live tested on a mac, that makes sense. Android apps with Android Studio is the same.

XCode allows you to run an app in different screen sizes and then take screenshots. This is perfect. But it is not possible to import Thunkable ipa to Xcode as you do not get ipa download.

I was told about Pro members getting screenshots created for them but am yet to get a reply on that :confused:
So I thought I’d reach out to you guys :slight_smile:

Hi there,

We are working on an official announcement of this feature (once issues to do with updating apps to be compatible with iOS 13 have largely subsided!), but if you message me with a link to your app that begins with, we can generate iPhone screenshots for your app.

Please include:
The email address associated with your Thunkable PRO account
An email address and password that we can use to sign into the app (if applicable)


Edit: you can access the screenshot service through this post



Just change the size of your screenshots to fit the required.

iPad Pro (12.9 Inch): 2048 x 2732. Apple Watch: 312 x 390 pixels (only one orientation is available)

App Store Screenshot Sizes and Requirements

  1. iPhone 3+4 (3.5 Inch): 640 x 960.
  2. iPhone 5 (4 Inch): 640 x 1136.
  3. iPhone 6/7/8 (4.7 Inch): 750 x 1334.
  4. iPhone 6/7/8 Plus (5.5 Inch): 1242 x 2208.
  5. iPhone X (5.8-Inch): 1125 x 2436.

I did this already… Got the screenshots uploaded them they told me not to upload android screenshots. that were re-scaled. Plus I do not have an iOS device that can run the apps. only an old iOS 8 iPod for 2fa. I think iOS devices give signatures on screenshots.

Please, I need that too

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Can you help me Jane?

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Sending you my app as well @jane ! Thanks in advance.

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