[Solved] iOS Images (screenshots) for App Store

So, it looks like we need these screenshots from these devices from Apples web site:

  1. 6.5 inch (iPhone 11 Pro Max, iPhone 11, iPhone XS Max, iPhone XR)
  2. 5.5 inch (iPhone 6s Plus, iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 8 Plus)
  3. 12.9 inch (3rd generation iPad Pro)
  4. 12.9 inch (2nd generation iPad Pro)

Question 1:
Is the screen shot from the specific device important, or just the frame (picture of specific device) we wrap the screen shot in? I took my screen shots from a iPad 2, which is not a PRO version, an old one I know. I used this service: https://www.appstorescreenshot.com/ to create the frame.

Question 2:
Thunkable provides images for items 1,2,3 (this is wonderful). They provide 2 alternates for number 4.
11 inch (iPad Pro) + 10.5 inch (iPad Air)

From Thunkable’s form specifically, they provide:

6.5 inch (iPhone)
5.5 inch (iPhone)
12.9 inch (iPad Pro - 3rd generation)
11 inch (iPad Pro) + 10.5 inch (iPad Air)*

  • As outlined in the document, both 11-inch and 10.5 inch screenshots are needed in lieu of a 12.9 inch iPad Pro (2nd generation)

But from Apple, these are not good enough, they want a 10.5 and a 9.7 instead of a 12.9 inch iPad Pro (2nd generation), looking at the image below and reading the link.


So it looks like Thunkable is providing the wrong two replacements, or am I wrong?

Thanks in advance.

Take a closer look - you can upload separate screenshots for those resolutions but you can also just use the 12.9 inch version when this is checked.

Concerning your other question: the pixel size of the Screenshots is important. You can also wrap the screenshots in a mockup and use artwork as long as you follow the App Store guidelines but the resolution must be the one they expect from the device requested. Here’s an example of my latest app:

Best, Chris

Thank you so much for the fast reply.

Looking at the rows you highlighted, I can upload a 10.5 and a 9.7, but Thunkable says it supplies a 11 and a 10.5, since Thunkable does not provide the 12.9 2nd generation.

I know the pixel size is important, bit the screen shot itself, does it matter if its from the exact device, or can it be a different model?


From the Airtable it says you will receive a 12.9inch screenshot:

Actually since you can also edit and create custom artworks they cannot check what device you took the screenshot on except UI differences like models that do not have a homebutton but the small bar on screen. However Apple does not seem to bother because I also used the same iPhone 11 Pro made screenshots for both artwork sizes requested - I just changed the overall file resolution.

I even used an upscaled iPad Mini 2 screenshot for my 12.9inch visual and cropped the iPad Pro frame to fit since I didn’t want to wait for the screenshots :see_no_evil:

Best, Chris


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