Is it necessary to upload iPad screenshots in App Store Connect?

Hi all, I am publishing my app to App Store, and I am confused on whether I should upload iPad (2nd & 3rd/4th gen) screenshots or not… (I have managed to collect screenshots for both sizes of iPhones)

I read this answer on Stack Overflow - xcode - iOS App Store Connect is now requiring iPad screen shots even though app does not support iPad - Stack Overflow, which says not uploading iPad snaps should not be a problem in submission. But when I visit my app on App Store Connect, I am not seeing any option saying that screenshots are optional for iPad…

Also, says -

What if I don’t upload for iPad - will my app become unavailable for iPads? My app sure does work on an iPad, but I do not have an iPad so I am wondering if it’s mandatory to upload screenshots or not. Please guide… Thanks! :slight_smile:

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You have 2 choices:

  • In general, your app should work on all iOS mobile platforms and therefore you will need to show how your app will look when using these different devices.
  • Choose to have your app work on iPhones only and when this is selected then you will not need to upload images related to iPad. To do that you need to have access to the project editor and just uncheck iPad.

If in the other hand, if you do not have access to this option, then it would be a feature to implement in Thunkable.


See this post for more explanation

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Hi @muneer, always nice to have a reply from you :slight_smile:

As app is made on Thunkable, I think I don’t have access to the “Project Editor” in XCode (as the link says)… Is there any similar option in app store connect or so?


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This is a similar inquiry about a year ago in the Apple forum

See the comment

So it seems the only way out is for Thunkable to have the target iPhone/iPad as an option.

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Thanks, it seems arranging iPad screenshots is my only way out at the moment…

Thanks a lot! :+1:

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@muneer I had a quick question if you don’t mind - as I mentioned earlier, I have the screenshots for 5.5 inch & 6.5 inch iPhones (taken from iPhone 7 & XR respectively) - can I resize those screenshots to make them look like iPad 2nd Gen (resized from iPhone 7) & 3rd Gen (resized from iPhone XR) screenshots?

Will this cause a problem with apple? Kindly guide… Thanks! :slight_smile:

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Yes you can do that although I would recommend that you use the developers option in Chrome and view your app as iPad and take the screenshots.

I only published to App Store once and used this trick for the images.

Check also


@muneer suggestion is the best option for someone without the iPad.


@muneer @jared thanks for replying. For the developers option method, I would need the Business plan in Thunkable right - as the PRO plan doesn’t support responsive webapps? Or am I getting something wrong over here?

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From the Thunkable design screen click the Preview button

Right-click anywhere in the screen and select inspect

Now choose the screen dimension you desire

Hope to have answered your question clearly.

The same steps works in both DnD and StP.


@muneer, thanks for replying. This is how it looked when I clicked the preview button, right-clicked and selected inspect, then chose the phone view, and set the dimensions of an iPad Pro (20% size) -

This preview also shows the thunkable platform, as you can see in above image. How can I just get the preview screen? Am I still missing something? Thanks for guiding so far :slight_smile:

[I am using snap to place btw]

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If I understand you right, now you just need to capture a partial screen.

Remember that the screen size might not be the one required by Apple so you need to fix it with one of the online screen converters.

Alternatively, you can use one of the apps I shared in an earlier post.


Here I have chosen iPad Mini and viewing a site registration

This is a screenshot of a sample app

When you start your app from the Live Test menu button

You need to click Preview as a responsive web app link

Then you can right click and choose inspect.

This is an iPad Mini version of the sample app

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Hi @muneer, apologies for not following up…

So I used live web preview, grabbed a few screenshots, edited them a bit, and used to render the raw screenshots into device frames (AppScreens is a very helpful screenshot tool).

The live web preview it’s a very helpful feature indeed for someone with no iPad… Thanks for the solution! :smile:

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