I want to set my app to only iphones

hi team,
After uploading my app in play storeconnect…they are asking me screen shots for ipad 2 and 3 generations but i dnt have ipad with me …i want to removethoseoptions in play storeconnect and want to upload screenshots for only iphones…what to do and kindly help me out


Hi there,
I don’t know am I get your point.
In this case,I wanna to check if the user is using iOS device,that’s set the button available to do event.
If it is android,stop their event in your app.
When Screen open
if platform is iOS
do set button visible to true
else set button visible to false

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am taking about in appstore while submitting the app

am taking about in Apple appstore while submitting the app

According to your topic title, it says "I want to enable/keep on my app only for iOS (iPhones)"

That’s why @BlueWhaleYT got confused :sweat_smile:

So, on your question, I think apple will not take your app without iPad Screenshots :confused:

If any of your relatives/known people/friends have an iPad, then you are good to go :+1:

Thanks! :blush: