App Previews and Screenshots for Apple Store

Apple requires adding previews and screenshots of apps before approval. This requirement is for various devices supported. Not many developers can have an iPhone and iPad of all generations to use for screenshot. Can we help one another here?
How does my app look on your phone?
Is it possible to share app here and get help with screenshot?
If we share, can we still secure the app data?


Hi there,

This is a good idea, I’m sure there are some Thunkers who don’t always have access to an iPhone and an iPad.

If you have an app that connects to some sort of API or DB or spreadsheet, your personal details won’t be shared when you share the app project.

You could either try go get screenshots of pages that don’t need access to these features, or put sample data where the data that is normally pulled from your online DB would go for the sake of getting screenshots.


OK. Thank you.