App keeps closing on Android

When I installed my app (before I downloaded my APK) the app keeps closing.
I read some topics about this issue (a cause can be the code) then verified my code. It didn’t have errors.

What is the project link?

Thunkable and sorry because it took me that much to reply, and one more thing, I used romanian as the text language.

Does it say Critical Error Occoured ! This is embarassing. We sincerely apologize for this.?
This error became gone when I tried the app again. Did you try again, and it still works?
Also, I’m feeling suspicious about the “When collides with bottom” script.

No, it just runs normal.

I am talking about the phone app. On my Android phone, the app keeps closing. I read some topics last days and I found out that Thunkable will crash if he should do something impossible.

What is the app? Is it live test or the apk you downloaded? I’m assuming it’s the APK.

Maybe check that script, I’m wondering if there’s something impossible, because by the looks of what you inputed, it seems to maybe crash. How about, you temporarily disconnect these blocks. Then download it again. Then, reconnect it, then download it again, because it may be an error from the previous download, which didn’t disconnect the blocks.

And sorry for my long reply.

Well, I didn’t disconnected those blocks but, when I downloaded my APK again then installed the app it worked.
But, it loads very slowly.

Well, it loaded, thank you for trying to help me, anyways I think it was an install bug.

Thank you and I hope we could help us often.

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