Cannot run apk to test app on my phone

Hi Guys, I am new to Thunkable and have no coding exp
i have created an app on the GUI and tried to download it to an APK and install on my phone
the APP however once installed crashes on startup
i have tried re-downloading and still the same.
my phone is set to install from UNKNOWN sources
the thunkable live options shows that the app is working fine as well

anything I am missing


What error does it write when clicking on the “detail info” after crash?

There us no detail Info
this is on my Android Device.
When i open the App after installing, the error is “APP NAME has stopped” Restart App.
When i select restart App the error is “APP NAME keeps closing” Close App.

thats all

If there is no such message after the crash, I am afraid that the ADB debugger will be required to get the cause of the crash.