Can you help me with and Android build issue? “Keeps stopping”

can someone help me solve this problem. I made an application and when I download and get the link from Thunkable the application can be installed on iOS and runs smoothly. However, unlike Android, after downloading and installing the application, when the application is opened, the application is always closed again and cannot run at all. I’ve tried to clear cache and restart the phone but the result is the same.

There’s not enough information to help you. If you’d like, you can share the project link and someone else can see if this happens on their Android device.

I would recommend that you use a debugging method where you place set label's text blocks throughout your code (e.g. “1”, “2”, “3”) along with wait blocks to see which text appears. That way, if you run it on your Android phone and you see 1… 2… and then it crashes, you know the problem occurs between where you have “2” and where you have “3” in your code.

Also, just a side note that when you add an image to the forums, there’s a set of links right below it that allow you to reduce the size to 75% or 50%. I went ahead and reduced yours to 50% since it was so big.

This is link for install

This is the project link

Please help me

The link you receive in your email is valid for 24 hours only.

Your project has AdMob components. You need to set the Test Mode to True to download your app for testing.

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I’ve tried the method you suggested and the result is still the same and the app still can’t be opened.

Does this crash occur before any kind of user input?

Yes, that is true. The user hasn’t done anything just installed and can’t open the app.

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