App icon issue (it's not my icon)

When I download my App and install it, icon is not the one I’ve uploaded.
I find a different icon: it’s green and shows a sort of 2 hands supporting a disc with an oriental writing.
This is my icon:

and this is the icon shown after istallation:

What’s happen?

Double check the file on the icon property of Screen1. Also, if this green image has been added as a media asset in yor app, remove it and then re-install the app.

This image it’s not a file of mine! I never seen it before.

I have experienced the same problem with image, where the app shows the image that is not mine. Maybe there are different images with the same name on Thunkable’s server and your image has the same name as that green image.

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Exactly! I just renamed icon.png in ATicon.png and now it’s working!!! (thanks to a coworker of mine that wins a dinner)

We believe we have fixed this issue but please let @wei or I know if you see it again in the future. Thanks for all the reports of issues, it’s very helpful!

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@giorgiospugnesi Thank you!

@mike and @wei glad to be helpful!

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