App Icon Issues

I made my first info app on Thunkable. Everything is looking great but the app icon isn’t. Every time I download my app, the app Icon isn’t what I need it to be. The app icon is the Thunkable logo. We thought since we didn’t have Thunkable Pro this would fix the issue, We aren’t sure if it will or now as it is still going through approval through Google.! Please HELP US! Thank you. Screenshot_20201025-170547_One_UI_Home|230x500

Thus thing is not about pro man

In the upper left corner, select the app and you will see the App Setting Pop up. Click it.

Then on the right you will see the Icon option. You can use any uploaded icon.

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Does the account that google play console is linked with, does it have to be the same one thunkable is under for it to work? I’ve done that icon thing you’ve said above

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Sorry, not sure about google play console.