Initial screen icon & 2 different icons for iOS App


I know that it was a post with the Thunkable icon from start screen that it shows for a few moments. I don’t find it now, sorry and I still have this issue.

And also, I have 2 different icons for the same app, 1 icon on the screen and 1 icon as the app it is send it to the background. Please see the images.

I want to publish some apps now and I would like to have a solution.

Thank you.

If you deleted & reinstalled your app, would this issue still happens ?

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Thank you @davidsobhysabetb !
The Thunkable icon is no more visible, but the different icon from the background still there…

May I try your app to see if this issue is the same with my device ?

Yes @davidsobhysabetb, but now I am not at my pc. In a few hours, please!

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Take your time @io.nut.ilie

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Hi @davidsobhysabetb.
The background icon just changed without any intervention…

Thank you for your advise.


Happy to know that ! @io.nut.ilie