Old Icon still showing once downloaded/updated

Hi there,

it’s new year and it’s time to renew some graphics on my apps.
That’s the first time I do it but i’m struggling with something.

Altough i’ve changed all the icon images in the thunkable app and in the store’s page, when i update or download again the app (once published on stores), it still shows when i open it, at the very beginning, the old image.
(talking about Android for now)

Here is where i changed the picture:

  • In the Play Console, i changed the image in the app’s settings, in the main page of the app that is shown in store
  • I changed the image in thunkable: in the main page of the app, top left corner clicking on the name of the app (aboce where alle the screen are shown), and replace the icon on the right side of the page, just under the bundle’s name

The new icon is correctly showing on stores and on thunkable but, once downloaded and opened, it still shows (even before the splash page), the old icon.

Someone can help?

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