App's app icon not showing (Android)

When I click on export (maybe called Download, I’m not at my PC right now but it’s where you download the .apk) my apk downloads but and installs fine but where is my app’s icon, it just has the default Android green droid icon, I have uploaded an app icon it’s just not showing

What does that mean?

Hi there – we are working on adding this now. Hoping to have it in our next release. Appreciate your patience.

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I’m working on it now, must focus :grimacing:

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Ok thanks, Quick question, Since Classic Android Thunkable IDE we were told not to use Google Play app signing, Is that the same case with Thunkable X?

@Luca_B after implementing Android icon support on X I’m going to work on Android publish on X. Until then Android publish on X is not officially supported. My goal is for X to work with Google App Signing.

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Ok thanks