APP changes the values to "undefined" when a "variable" or a "local storage" load its value

When running the APP on Thunkable Live to test it, it suddenly started showing “undefined” instead of loading the value of a “variable” or “local storage”.

This is happening both on the current screen I’m working on, and on old screens that were programmed months ago.

Even if I delete the text “undefined” in a “text input” and write any number, it immediately returns with the message “undefined”.

I went back to an old version with a little wasted work. I started to redo it, but the problem started to happen again long before I got to the part that I had stopped.

The image on the left shows how it should be. And the image on the right shows what is happening when the screen opens.

Hi @rpcosmo

We’ve updated the way the platform handles variables now - can you let us know whether or not this is still an issue for you?