APK won't work. Parse Error

I am trying to download my test app as an APK on multiple androids as well as on BlueStacks. The two phones give an error “There was a problem parsing the package.” and BlueStacks says "Unfortunately, this app cannot be installed on the existing version of BlueStacks. I am making this app for an app contest and need an APK file that works correctly. Any help would be awesome

It could be a problem with your code, or with assets, or something as simple as a number at the beginning of a google email address.

Does the app work proper in Companion?

You can send it to me and I will try it on a few emulators.

I don’t think its a problem with the code. I simply added a label, a button that goes to a new screen, and an additional screen to make test the button. The app works fine on the live test app on my IOS phone but does not work on any androids.

Well this should be moved to X as it is an X application. @domhnallohanlon . move please.

Well I cannot help you if I dont see blocks or the app.

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I am very new to this. How should I send it to you?


Here a guide on how to share your entire project.

@Colby_Frechette, what version of Android are you using?

@Cian_O_Sullivan Here is a link to the project.
@domhnallohanlon, I do not know, I am trying to open the app with BlueStacks as well as two phones that aren’t mine.

Colby no link attached mate. Can you retry?

Woops, fixed above

Works for me.

That is on an 8.0 Virtual Pixel2

Thanks Colby, working fine for me too:

I really like your splash screen too , btw. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:



Can you send me a link to the virtual phone you are using so I can test it?

That’s just a screenshot from a physical device I use for testing - I don’t have any emulators or virtual devices.

We have some info about them in our docs though: