Any way to access firebase storage on thunkable?

We do know about thunkable’s realtime DB, which only accesses to realtime database for Google Firebase. Although, I am working on a project which is in requirement of firebase storage as it is free and simple. Plus, I am planning to use thunkable for developing the app for the project. So, is there any ideas or ways to access firebase storage?

Please let me know about this.


Hello and welcome to the forum. I do not have a direct answer for you, but I am sure someone who does will be around soon. To help the knowledgeable person who does come around to answer you better, what do you mean by access FB Storage? Why kind of data are you wanting? How are you looking for it? Would using direct file links work?


Firebase Storage can only be accessed via API calls. Google just announced introducing new SDK for this so you might want to look at the news API calls in the announcement.

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