"any button" block dont work

For long time my app havent been working in live test mode.
I have tryed to get help from the Thunkable people for over 4 days. And they only get back with an answer that I reply with in max 30 to 40 min. and then there is total silence for days again. So sad i think.
So hope someone can explain this for me.
But now I found out that if I have the “any Button” block on the screen nothing works.
Something happend when I insert the “ANY button” block. Then the screen wont opdate and the buttons dont work.
Everything gets messed up when i set in this block.
Please see the viseo on this link.

Have any one else experienced this???

Post blocks. Few people want to download or watch a video.

okay but it is in the video that you see the problem.
Thanks for replying but please see the video and help me how to show that in blocks…


In Live on iOS, the Any Button Click block does not work. When developers fix it, I don’t know.

Best regards, Alex
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@funhall, @actech and anyone else having problems with an “any” block on iOS:

Are you running the production version of the app from the App Store or the Test Flight version? Also, can you post which version of the Thunkable Live app you are running? One way to do that is to go back to the project list in the app and press and hold the “thunkable” label at the top of the app. Finally, what phone and iOS version are you running?



I am using Live (ver. 133) from App Store on iOS 12.4 and the Any Button Click block now works

I am using the Test flight version version 56-71 on Iphone X.
Hope this is enough info.
Then I hope to hear from you soon and not in more days??? :frowning:

I’ve been having the same problem using the App Store version 56-71 on an iPhone 8 running iOS 13.2.3.

@funhall and @tatiang, can you please try updating your Thunkable Live version via the App Store. That should put you on v133.



I just updated to the newest version on the App Store (133-1). Now instead of doing nothing (just blinking) when I tap on a button in Thunkable Live, it does register the tap and goes to the next screen but then crashes and restarts the preview. Actually, as I preview it a few times, it also crashes without tapping on anything.

The same code works fine if I download it to the device.

On a separate note, yikes… the vertical formatting is all messed up on this new app. I guess I’ll have to be more careful about relative positioning.

I would echo what others here have said: the “Congrats your project is live” and “Check out our tutorials” rows at the bottom are really unnecessary and just get in the way of useful development and testing.

@tatiang, Can you create a simple example app which exhibits the problem and post a link to it?