Android X playing sound files

I have set up a simple sound player setting the volume to 100
Set the sound1 source to a file 1.mp3 which is shown in the files directory on thinkable and local strorage.
Play sound command produces and error only when run on android phone, it plays no sound on web page test.
It is set up exactly as per the documentation, but it fails, coming up with resource fail errors, on pressing the button (no errors on blocks).
It also comes up with facebook errors?
What am I doing wrong as it is accepted on the builder, but fails on any live test.

I have found the answer.
Classic Android uses text names for the sound app to load files. These make it easy to set up a list and manipulate the files.

AndroidX insists that file is local and it can pick the name from the files stored with the app when you create it!
I have had to replace all of the sound app calls as the command looks the same, but the extension is blue rather than the red text block in the classic android and cannot be edited.

There also does not seems to be an extension in Thunkable that gives the names of the files in the local storage, so you can “pick” from them in the app.

This also means you cannot use your app to play the users own files, unlike commercial apps.

Some sort of “file find” option needs to be included, where you have to select a file from an already loaded directory. The user is not going to know the names of the files!