An unkown bug occured

Hi, due to some reasons I have got a bug using the onesignal. Actually, I don’t want to purchase the thunkable pro but my app must have onesignal and for that I have used the onesignal web push. The error was that I am using a web viewer in which the user should subscribe but the onesignal says wrong environment and to do that I must need a deep link :link:. when the user clicks on subscribe he should directly go to the app by a deep-linking process and I need some link which makes the website to open my app. Can this be possible and there is anything like a deep-linking @staff please reply

deep link extension for classic?

well maybe try using open link block

try using webviewer post msg block
idk if it wrks

I tried all those things but no use

NO, it was not possible as it will open app well and good but cannot return back

No, it won’t work because the can’t really subscribe in webviewer because it says wrong environment as it must in which broswer does he subscribe