Alternative to use Submit button

When using a textinput block the user needs to use the Phone Keyboard to also submit (return button)
Before it used to be a Submit Button that went along with the Input text field.
Really misses that… Or is it possible - just that i missed how…
Please advice

Hello @stefansladdeneng1!
Thank you for writing your thoughts about the text input component.
Just to be sure that I understand correctly, the issue is that when you add your own submit button it requires 2 actions, one to remove the keyboard and the second to submit the text. Is it correct?

No not realy - earlier in the MIT appinventor - Youdrag a input text component to the screen.
When you “dropped” it there was actually two fields got visible - The input text field - and a button with submit attached to that very text input. This way you had the submit button very close and logically placed in the area of the input text…

Today in thunkable you dropp the text input where you want it and then - when you have enetered text that you want to !“submit” you neew to move your hand to the returnbutton in the Phone Keyboard.
Veri inconvenient. Much better if there was a submit button attached and that you can design as when building other buttons…

Hello @stefansladdeneng1!
Thank you for explaining how the text input was on MIT appinventor.
This is a good suggestion!
I’ll pass it on to the team.