[Waiting] Can’t click text input or button while keyboard is visible

Hi. There were new features about text input in last update. Like can make some events when text input click / change / unfocuss / submit. And it is really cool and i appreciated team.

But here comes new problem.
User can’t click text input while keyboard is visible for another text input.
Someone may think user should dismiss keyboard by themselves by submiting it or press button for close. but mostly they do what they want. And sometimes they cant submit if there wasnt any other button for it. (Like iOS num pad)

This is my app for signin (not using FB auth fyi)
And user cannot move to password input nevertheless they finished typed their id. The only solution i know is pressing return key to escape the first text input. And then the user can move to the next one.

And i think this is not good for most users. Thanks.

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