Send button on keyboard

Is there a way to allow users to fill in a text box and then submit it with the return key on key board?

Hi @ryan_hall_apps,

I don’t believe this is a feature, though there are properties to “adjust” this as such. I’ll leave this open maybe somebody else in the Community might have a different reply for this. If it so happens that it is not a feature you can make a feature request for it here.

Just a thought: Pressing the return key would generate a \n or newline in the text box. So you could create a timer to check the contents of the textbox every x milliseconds and if \n or newline is found, it should call your “send” blocks.


@Deluxe never would have thought of this, very smart idea. I wonder though if they were to incorporate this as a feature, they may just add text input settings/blocks to trigger an event when the next/done button is pressed on the keyboard.

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