Keyboard "enter" to equate this interaction with a dedicated "enter" button?

Hi Thunkers,

I have an “enter” button for users to tap after inputting text, however, I also recognize that many users habitually use the keyboard “enter” button after typing. Therefore the act of hitting “enter” or “carriage return” on the keyboard should perform all the code behind my dedicated “enter” button. Can anyone tell me how to create the required link between the app’s “enter” button and the “enter” key on the keyboard?

Appreciate your reading.

Hi @bapay9897673d8ia

In the Advanced properties for the text_input there’s a ReturnKeyType property

Is that the sort of thing you are looking for?

Hi @bapay9897673d8ia
I was scrolling through through all the topics and found this. I believe the text input comes with a block called when submit clicked, that would be the return key, you could try that out. Attaching a screenshot from my code.