All block are disappearing suddenly for only one screen šŸ˜•

Really I dont know what is happening, Without no reason, the blocks of an specific screen dissapearsā€¦ almost of them, like if the time gone back just for that screenā€¦ The others screens are fineā€¦

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Hi, @Leito! :wave:

Is your screen going white like this -

This thing has happened to me various times. It happens when you have a lot of blocks & you continuously delete many of them without a break.

The site needs to refresh, (not reload) itself when you delete a block.
When we continuously delete blocks, the site cannot refresh.
Thatā€™s why, the site crashes, and this white screen appears, and we need to reload it :confused:

It has happened to me when I wanted to delete all blocks, but I forget that thereā€™s a dedicated option for it, instead of deleting manually.

Thanks! :blush:

P.S. I have changed this topicā€™s title to a more familiar one / easily understandable.

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Nope this situation is completely differentā€¦ I didnt do anythingā€¦ Just I entered and almost blocks of the Screen was deletedā€¦ dissapearedā€¦

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Can you please share your project here? So I can take a better look :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks! :blush:

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The same has already happened to meā€¦ the problem seems to be a failure in the platform that sometimes prevents the project from being saved. When I left the site and returned back later - hours of work had disappearedā€¦ really sad - I hope they will improve this. unfortunately I could not find any reason causing this since I was doing regular work and when I re-did everything later it worked fine. I think it might be stability issues or problems in the Thunkable codeā€¦

Best, Chris

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Thanks @Chris But really my situation is more strangeā€¦ The blocks disappeared in a screen that I didnā€™t touch in a whileā€¦ and is the second timeā€¦ The first time i made an actualization in Google Play and App Storeā€¦ The users started to send me messages that there was a screen that didnā€™t functionā€¦ I went to look in Thunkable and I noticed that the blocks screen was almost emptyā€¦ I got crazy because I didnā€™t touch that screen in the actualizationā€¦ I had to do almost the blocks again in that screen, then I published againā€¦ Now everything is okey in Google Play and App Storeā€¦ but yesterday I want to upload a new actualizationā€¦ I checked the App because that bad experienceā€¦ and againā€¦ THE SAME SCREEN, THE BLOCKS ALMOST EMPTYā€¦ (I M VERY SCARED ABOUT THE REST OF THE APP) BUT UP TO NOWā€¦ JUST IN THAT SCREENā€¦ now I donā€™t know if I should do everything again or whatā€¦ I canā€™t be Writing all the blocks of the screen each time that I want to upload an actualizationā€¦ Thanks all of you guysā€¦ Please if someone had the same experience or something similar, please tell meā€¦ I would like to understand what is happeningā€¦ and obviously
how can i prevent it

@kartik14 Thanks Kartik here I show you an example of a very similar screenā€¦ In rest of the blocks just disappearedā€¦ without no reason (This is second time, in the first the only block that I found was the variable with stringsā€¦)

Guys, you have to understand one important detail - can be a lot of talk about the reliability of cloud computing, but is now considered to be reliable such an option:

  1. The source code of the project kept you
  2. There are two more copies of the original project, which are stored in different media. Simply put, the source code of the project should be stored in 3 different places, for example, on your computer, on a flash drive and external hard drive. In this case, you can restore the code, if it is corrupted.

If these conditions are not met, it indicates unreliable storage system and a high degree of project loss of opportunities.

Thunkable X does not give developers the source code and you can make your own conclusions.

I had a situation where for some strange reason, after one of Thunkable X update, I lost 2 of the screen with the blocks. I had 20 copies of the project, but I could do nothing, because in all copies of these screens have been spoiled.

How to live with it? Very simple. With the help of Thunkable X I do not do commercial applications. If you need to safely carry a chandelier worth 100 thousand dollars, then order the appropriate transport, and do not try to save it, and try to carry on a bicycle.


@actech Thanks for the opinion! Is very sad to read thatā€¦ I made an ā€œall inā€ in this plataform I put all my trust in Thunkable Xā€¦ I Hope they could find a solution for thisā€¦ Really each time that I enter to the proyecto I do very scared about what can I findā€¦ If this happened two times It could be happen again and again and with other screensā€¦ :confused:


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I can recommend you to simplify your blocks and blocks instead of global variables to use parameter blocks of the functions.

On your image, you create a big list. This can be done a lot easier. Below shows the block in which is created a list of 25 000 options.


To do this:

  1. In Excel column, enter all of the text
  2. Transpose the column to row
  3. Insert this row string from Excel in a text block
  4. Copy the blank space between text (this will be a tab char, which divides the cell in the horizontal) as delimiter char.
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Okay this is really bad :confused: I had the same issue in classic and it was never solved so I gave up working on it at allā€¦ Really frightening to read that the same can happen in Thunkable X too :scream::confused:

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Recently, I saw a post about a similar problem in the App Inventor project. So do not think that this is a problem only Thunkable X. Loss of the project can be in any cloud platform and any programming language that does not provide the source code.