Alert with Animation

Hi, there :blush: Please Help me.

I try to make a practice speaking app but I got some ploblem …

  1. When I press “the speak botton” the red wave above must appear and you will hear ‘correct’ or ‘wrong’ for your answer then the red wave will disapear ofter you finished the speak
    BUT my problem is the red wave is not disapear. So How can I fix them… :smiling_face_with_tear:

This is my project.

What is the purpose of the alert? Can you say more about that?

I think you should try setting up the animation like this, so that it shows when the button is clicked and hides after the speech recognition is done:



The perpose of the alert is just show the animation up ( I think I should delete it better.)

and Thank you so much. Your advice is right for what I’m looking for.