Airtable tokens instead of API

Hi Thunkable,
I need help wrt Airtable and how to use the tokens instead of API as I am not getting the option of API but it shows Tokens. Do I need to use DnD ? Can I use Tokens in traditional Thunkable in any manner ? Please help. Please share if there is a tutorial on how to use Tokens in airtable in traditional GUI of Thunkable?
( @sumi.gs6l3 )

There is an option for OAuth. Check this out:

What are you trying to do with Airtable? Why would you need tokens rather than just using the built-in data source blocks or API blocks?

i think the concern may be on the APi blocks 2 different set of blocks

I think @cseducator_mindchamp is trying to tell about the Airtable API keys being deprecated after Jan 2024

Thanks everyone. There was a mismatch of snap and place vs DND for new users of Airtable, have shifted the app to DND so it works now Thanks