Airtable loop order

Hey guys! I have a question regarding airtable.

In variable “Sehenswuerdigkeiten” I have the name of all columns in airtable.
I want to get certain values out of each column. Therefore I use a loop for each column name in order to give me the values and add them to a list. My problem is that the order of the list is completly random afterwards. Does anyone know why and how to solve it?

I’m grateful for every advice :slight_smile:



Try the second SpreadSheet.GetCell block inside the first block after adding the value to the list.

I recommend these tasks to be solved differently.

  1. Get all rows from AirTable in the list.
  2. In the loop on the list use the filter to get the data from the required fields.

Thank you buddy! Your approach worked for me :slight_smile: