Airtable data not showing up in Data Viewer Grid

Does anyone know why my Data Viewer Grid (DVG) appears blank when I Live Test in Thunkable Live or download the project to my iPhone? The DVG is synced to Airtable and the data shows up fine when Live Testing in a browser or when published as a Web App.

This is the case even without using any blocks in the Blocks tab.

I’m using a Custom View from Airtable.

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Hey @tatiang - sorry for the delay following up here.

I was wondering if it might be an issue with custom Airtable views, but if it works on the web it should work on-device too.

I’ve followed up with your question over in chat support.


Thank you. I’m still having the issue but I’ve responded in the chat.

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You may refresh the data

The data doesn’t appear in the first place. And refreshing doesn’t help.