AirTable API Stop working

Anyone using api for AirTable? It was working fine until yesterday. Code is the same I did not changing anything, but the LiveTest just stop working on my API of AirTable. My Live Test acting funny in pass few days.

This might be an Airtable thing @ccm-systems - did you get any emails or updates from Airtable recently about changes they’re making to their API?

They’ve made some changes recently. What kind of issues are you having?

I did not get any email back form them. But the .apk I made last week was working fine. Same code can not run on Live Test.

The .apk created last week working fine. Same code not running on LIve Test this week. If they change the apk should not work too. The api I use for read record from Air Table to check user id.

Hey! Can you share how you are making airtable api calls?

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The api call as picture attached. The field name Device ID is existing but Thunkable return Error. This block was working fine and I used on my other app too. But all my app not working on live test.

Can you try removing the content-type header since you’re not passing a Json object to the api endpoint?

And are you sure there is a value being passed for deviceId? Can you try the same call with hard coded values? Something you know is in the database for sure.

Can you also provide a minimal example that demonstrates the issue you are talking about?

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After remove, I got only first row of data. I need to get specific row of data by search for my ID instead of first row. And it was working fine the apk from last month is still working fine today. Same code from last month not working in Live Test and same on new apk since you last update on server.

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Can you also provide a minimal example that demonstrates the issue you are talking about?

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Also, you can try shifting your API key from the headers, by adding ?key=<key here> in the URL.


Hey @ccm-systems

I wanted to circle back before the weekend and see if you could pass along an example of this issue?

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For Airtable api bugs, I will send you later.