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Dear Team,
The live test is not working in lots of accounts, neither nay error is popping up. Due to which lots of apps cannot be tested. Also, Airtable is not recording the data, the airtable projects were working perfectly fine till the last 2 weeks. Since 2 weeks airtable is creating an issue. Please help me out . In my organization, there are lots of teachers and students who are facing this problem.


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Too few info to proper respond to this. Live test is working just fine for me on Android 10 & 11.
Try to get last version (284 right now for Android) and clear data/cache before launch it.
Im not using Airtable, but “Airtable is creating an issue” lacks of information also, so others that use it to give you a good answer.

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Please do not create multiple posts for the same issue.

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I am doing the live test on the laptop for the students as mobile phones are not always available to them. And it’s not working since last week. The only preview works.

Airtable is creating an issue means when you click on create account button it’s just stuck on the screen and nothing is working, earlier this project was working perfectly fine by recording or saving the data in airtable. Airtable is not saving any data which you are performing in thunkable which was working all fine 2 weeks ago.

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I was not able to see my post earlier that’s why did it again.

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Show your code so we can see if something wrong.

Are you using DnD (Drag and Drop) UI or StP (Snap to Place) UI?

If you’re using StP, then state how you are connecting Airtable to your project.

Appreciate it if you can close the other post or just delete it.

Airtable is connected through API KEY and BASE ID which are available on airtable site once u create the table.
Project images


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Can you create a new screen to test and add to the screen:

  • a label
  • a button
  • a list viewer

Then add this code

The List Viewer should list the user names available or in case of an error it will be displayed in the Label.

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