Add to Cart Button and Screen

Hi everyone,
I am making a canteen app in Thunkable X and I am trying to make an ‘Add to cart’ button. At the end of my app, I want to add another screen as the cart, that has all the items that the user has added to cart. But I have no idea how to program the items chosen to transfer to the screen!!

you have 2 posts about the same problem, delete one. And You want to use Thunkable X or classic? Change the tag too after your chose.

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Hi Goldking,
You have really confused me. I just need a solution…

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Hey ! Save your items into a list and save them in a localstorage, then get them from the localstorage on your cart screen.

Thank you so much!it has been much help

but i need a bit a more simpler explanation

As Taifun, I only asked to chose the right tag because I don’t use Thunkable X, so I can’t help you with it :+1: