Need help with cart button function

Pls help need guide on creating cart button function. :confused:

Please explain more about what you have tried. What do you mean by cart button function? WHta have you tried so far? Screenshots and videos are also helpful.

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i didn’t try anything yet, because i kinda confused with guide on internet. By cart function i mean when i click on data list (each of it) i can put it into cart and proceed with calculation. im trying to create a food ordering app for my college btw

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(Puts on her teacher hat:) What guide on the internet? What specifically are you confused about? We’d like to help you, but need more details. :slight_smile:

What i trying to do is actually when i click the food item, it will automatically assign to cart, and the quantity increasing each click. Please guide me how to do so…

You can first create a Local DB called ‘cart items’. Add a column called ‘item rowID’. This will hold the rowID of the clicked item to add to the cart, so it can be referenced later. Then, add a
when data_viewer_list1 click
Inside that, put,
DataViewerList cart items create row
RowID value = rowid( the green block that comes with when dataviewerlist click).