I need help making a shopping app

Hi! I have searched all over thunkable community for an answer to this, but didn’t get the thing I was looking for: I need to make a shopping app. I’ve seen many such questions, but they are answered with a web viewer option. I don’t want a web viewer. If there is a template, or if anyone who has made one before can share some snippets of code that helped them, it would be really helpful.

When you say a “shopping app,” do you mean an app where you can create a grocery list?

You don’t have to use a web viewer for that. You could use a built-in local data source to store the data within the app.

Hi !
That is a very good suggestion, but it is not exactly a grocery list I am trying to make. The thing I want to do is create an app in which there are a couple of rows, each containing an image of the item, and the name. When you click a button ‘add to cart’, it goes to the cart, as the first item in a list viewer in another screen. When the button is clicked multiple times, it just increases the quantity, but doesn’t duplicate the item. When any list viewer item is clicked, it goes to another screen, with an image of the item, name, cost, and quantity selector(with plus and minus buttons). When you finally decide to place your order, it(as in the app) should send a message to the owner of the store with the items, quantity, etc, so that the owner can reserve the items.
I have done mostly all of it, but I am stuck at the sharing part. When I live test it on my phone, it stops as soon as I click the place order button. I think it’s because there are too many variables in the reformatted message, but I’m not so sure. Any help would be great. I will definitely send some screenshots of the design and code. If you could try and use that to make your own template, then it would be great to know whether it’s just my device or whether it’s a problem with the code. Thunkable has not reported any errors in the same.

Have you validated all variables you are trying to send? Could you send a shot of the blocks that make the crash happen?

Sure, I will.
Any idea how to take a screenshot on a Mac?

How to take a Mac screen shot

Thanks very much :grinning:!

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Hi! Sorry it took time. Here is the snapshot of the blocks that crashed my app: