Making a grocery app

Hello there! I’ve recently been having a hard time making an app for a project. The app is a grocery app where I can search for the cheapest price of an item in my local grocery stores. For example, if I wanted organic blueberries, I would click a search button to find the cheapest price in the grocery stores that are available. Like maybe the organic blueberries would be 4 dollars at Whole Foods, and 3 dollars at Trader Joes. Another feature is a shopping list, a calender to plan the day you grocery shop and when your food expires, a calculator to calculate the total price of your food (with a budget placer), and deals of the day to look for sales. That’s it! This is all coming from a no experience coder, by the way. Like I literally know nothing except “When ____ is clicked navigate to Screen 2!”. Thank you :slight_smile:

Hi and welcome to Thunkable!

That sounds like a very useful app. And also a lot of work. Did you have a specific question?

It might be best to start with the tutorials and also spend some time looking at sample projects (note that these are from the older Snap to Place interface rather than the newer Drag and Drop interface).

Hello tatiang! Thanks for answering. I actually decided that I would mainly focus on finding the cheapest price of an item for my app. I was actually planning on starting really simple and just making it so that you can find the cheapest price for a certain item. My question is if there is a way I can use data sources and make a table that will display info from different stores? Hope that doesn’t sound confusing!

It’s not confusing at all. The only way I know to get product data is through an API. When you find an API you want to use, you can follow my tutorial video to learn how to extract the JSON values you need: API JSON Tutorial (Video).

I don’t know of an API that shows current prices of products in stores. That’s probably the trickiest part of what you’re wanting to do. I would start by Googling something like grocery price api.

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