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I’m new to the whole Thunkable thing. I got serious a few weeks ago with my friend, and we decided to make a cook book app called: Creative Minds CookBook. I need help with the map feature.
Basically, We want the map to detect a store which holds the ingredients needed for a recipe. So Lets say i REALLY want to make a lasagna. I don’t have most of the ingredients! I navigate to to the “Food Finder” (Map)
and find a Walmart near me. That has ALL the ingredients that i need! When i click the button of that Walmart (or whatever shop) It takes me to their website! (If i can, i program it to, already put the things in the cart!)

Hopefully You Can Help Me! <3

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Hello @cookbookmasters! Welcome to the Thunkable community!

I think that the best way to achieve this would be with a Web API. This way it could be updated real time and you wouldn’t have to manually enter everything. If you are unfamiliar with Web APIs, here is the Thunkable Docs link for Web APIs and I suggest you watch some Thunkable Web API tutorials too. I’ve found some links to get you started:

  1. Walgreens Store locator, finds the store closest to the user’s location, probably cannot find product availability.
  2. Walmart API, this checks the availability of a product
  3. Programmable Web list of Grocery APIs, Master Courses looks good but it seems to only work in France
  4. Wegmans API, not sure if it’s the best option, seems outdated

If you are super uncomfortable with Web APIs, then an alternative and much more difficult route would be to create a list of all the stores in an area and based on that locate the closest ones to the user. But you would have to find so many stores an API would probably be the best idea.

Hope this helps!


I know I asked a question about Web APIs earlier but I think I’m at least semi qualified to answer this question :slight_smile:

Hi @mythi ! I watched a few tutorials and checked Your links out! I am BEYOND grateful you wanted to help me. I have a new problem. I do in fact know how to code a WEB API now. But how do i do that on a Google Map? Like the tutorial was just a list viewer. I want a map, So it shows them a store Near Them! How would i do that?

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Hi @cookbookmasters, glad I could help!
Thunkable has a built-in component for Google/Apple maps where you can place pins down on it using Longitude and Latitude. You can maybe place a pin of the user’s location and place pins of the available stores around it.

Blocks you can use:


Hope this helps!